Box2d to vvvv?

i thought it make sense to post it here

this box 2d library looks powerful, and on the website there is a link to a c# port

maybe it’s possible to make a plugin out of it? i have no idea of how it would work, but maybe someone around here knows how to do that, or at least if it’s actually possible

the popular crayon thingy was made with it if i am not mistaken. it does look promising, and more reliable (at higher object speeds) than the the ode stuff, since it is continuous. however one draw-back is clearly visible: the third dimension is missing.

also, for many ‘interface’ apps only 2 dimensions can be of advantage

yes crayon phisics was made with it and also one of the latest installation from UVA called Contact.
yes true third dimension is missing, but who cares?

@ggml exactly, 3d is not always necessary, actually many times i prefer 2d… depends on what’s needed

anyway about 3d:

I actually needed to do exactly this recently, got someone looking at flash to do it instead!
It would definatly be useful!

it would be amazing :)