Box2D Edgechain weird behavoir

as soon as i try to collide any objects (box/circle) with the box2d edgechain the physics calculation seems to stop as soon as the first objects hits the chain.
is this a bug?

kinda urgent, would love to use edgegain in project…

edgecircles.v4p (28.0 kB)

you can use a chain of polygons (triangles), this way it will work…

hey thanks!

using polygons now. something is working, but i still ain’t get something here.

i’m reading data out of a svg file and parse them into the box2d polygon. they display correctly, but it seems that only one segment of one polygon gets calculated. see patch attached.

what am i doing wrong?

polyPhysics.v4p (39.2 kB)

From the Polygon helpfile:

-Polygon must have between 3 and 8 vertices, and be counter clockwise ordered.

You currently have 10 vertices, which sadly Polygons can not handle.

oops I read over that.

thanks for the info.