Box alignement to Sphere

Hello folks,

I’m puzzled with my patch… I’m trying to place box around a sphere.
I got the normals and vertexbuffer setup, but when I’m trying to place the boxes parallel to the sphere its going wrong…

Is somebody can suggest me some tips to align them?

I was also searching for making a reflection of the boxes on the sphere… but the cube map is not going to help me here… or it will reflect the whole scene… any advice?

BoxAlign2Sphere (20.4 kB)

Try linking the output of LookAt (Transform) into the Source of Inverse (Transform), it is a killer combo to place and align objects. Put your objects at the position you need them, make them look at the center of the sphere and use sensible vectors to define “Up” for all or any object.


Many thanks Velcrome for the Tips

Here is the patch updated

BoxAlign2SphereSolved (23.9 kB)