Bountysourcing an open TheEyeTribe node

started a bountysource thread around funding an open tet node for vvvv
initial discussion

started a vvvv-project, inside which is a link to a github dummy issue.
any suggestion about where this issue would be best placed on github is welcome.

it would make a good precedent for this community if we could get one crowdfunded node rolling.
in the there were at least 3 other people (2 backers, 1 programmer) willing to contribute to this endeavour.
just have a look

Little late here… is it still worth adding to the bounty?

Are there any programmers interested? If so, what sort of bounty will make it worth your while?

woei said he could do it, also i think that the bounty should speak for us rather then pre-asking

If everyone used bountysource then that would make sense. But if the bounty is not high enough, no one will do it so the money will lie stagnant.

As it stands a bounty fee is not returned if no one takes the bounty, instead there is the possibility to re-invest the bounty, but as no one in vvvv uses this process, the money might as well be floating around cyber space with no real use.

If no one is gonna come forward and say I will do it for X amount then forget it, I ain’t sticking my money on bountysource. If someone wants to come forward with a realistic price then we can go the bounty source route or we can make a private transaction.

seems bountysource is not doing it yet for TET
if there are any willing devs up for (payed) work with this, please drop a message.
not sure about the scale of plugin funding in real money, but lets see;
the plan is to have it shared into contributions without delay

bump, I have an Eyetribe and would support the bounty scheme…

there is a small sale at Tobii so I ordered a Tobii now as well, because Tobii has vvvv nodes but not Eyetribe.

Any progress with this?

The Eye Tribe thingie looks hot.

thinking about that would be nice to have something like this straight on vvvv site

@antokhio - I really think this would be a good thing to have. We’d have to have some prime examples, to prove that a particular site like bountysource works well before we do something like integration into the vvvv website though (I think at least).

Anyhow, this particular post probably isn’t too hot any more, as I’ve done the Eyetribe integration without first stumbling over it…


I’m in search of a sort of prime example for a contribution to bountysource though. It’d be good for the whole community, allowing people to put more time into making contributions comfortable to use by anyone and getting paid for it (rather than having contributions often developed for one specific project and then put out into the public).

So - let’s set an example and keep the idea rolling!

ey dominik, the bounty should still be up there, so if you can get a bountysource account it would be nice to have a conclusion to all this
(having started this thread, i was waiting for the official contribution before coming back here but for no actual reason)

@ggml I was working at the Praxis (vvvv devs) when I made this, so the bounty should go to them. @joreg ?

the actual eyetribe device we have in the office was kindly sponsored by mr. @synth maybe his investment could be reduced a bit…?

indeed synth please go ahead and claim it. bounty is 120$, the eytracker costs 119€ that should finally make this a win win.

are you kidding me? noone wants the bounty, for reasons of courtesy?

let me make a suggestion then:
whoever bountied or asked for it, just get together and order one device now for the maintainer of this, you know, so @dominikKoller can actually maintain the software for the hardware.

from what I see, it is only $99, plus anything else you want to tip. i wonder if actual motivation for maintenence can be arranged in the vvvvorum…

Not that I don’t want to take the money - to make this a crowdfunded contribution though, I think giving @synth the investment back would be the way to go as he was the one to sponsor it.

That makes the contrib sponsored by the bounty, with the vvvv group providing development and synth helping out to make it happen in the first place.

Cool prime example of bountysourcing a contribution!

(Also, don’t buy the hardware again for me - there’s the one we’ve got initially and I can use it when in berlin)

cool then; technically, the bounty has to be claimed now