Bounding Box - eating memory

Besides the update problem when connecting connecting Text(EX9.Geometry) directly with BoundingBox(EX9.Geometry Mesh) i posted earlier, I found another strangeness with BoundingBox.

If you feed BoundingBox with a Mesh through an IOBox or a switch it is constantly eating memory. If you disconnect again this stops, but the memory “stays lost”
(see attached little patch)
This also might be the reason why bounding box seems to be pretty performance hungry !?


boundingbox_memory.v4p (4.3 kB)

thanks. confirmed.

behaves same way when fed through GetSlice (Node) for bounding subsets.

and with debugmode (ctrl-f9) the node gets coloured brown which i never saw before.

joreg, is there a workaround?

the brownish color represents an error. i am afraid there is no workaround.