Botting with vvvv

Two things that I would like to see in vvvv:
A node to simulate keyboard and mouse input in the system and a node that gives the screen as a texture. And maybe there is also another GUI layer in windows that you could access.
With that it would be interesting to experiment with bots.
I mean, not for farming WOW but for doing any kind of automations in the system.
For example I know this from other programs where you do a mouse movement/click sequence and it gets stored as a script that can be repeated n times.

Any ideas from where to start?


Cursor (System)
for mouse

Keyboard (System Global)
has a keystate input which can be fed with keyboardstate join

ScreenShot (EX9.Texture)
window as texture

i made an auto miner for eveonline once…just for fun ;)

I didnt expect this would be so easy :D thanks

as i remember from uo times
would be good to have some kind of packet sniffer for that, so instead of emulating keystrokes you send packets like uoassist
hehe otherwise would love the idea with something like detect object/detect icon hehe

yea and a Captcha breaking algorithm like presented here

On the topic, does anyone know of a way to change window focus from within a patch?

ShowWindow (Windows)

Ha ha Thanks. That should have been obvious.