Bordeaux /France

somebody of the french guys aorund here located around Bordeaux and wants to be visited?
I am around there between 20.7. and 10.8. with my girlfriend (speaks excellent french) and two children.

Too bad, don’t live anymore in Bordeaux… but if you go to Paris… it would be a pleasure!


Is there any french vvvv users near bordeaux ?

We’re setting up a crew with some mates dealing with audio-visual / generative-art / interactive-art / design / sound using tools like vvvv, processing, max/msp and the like. We’re intetested into diy as well and projects including multitouch, arduino, wire.

We’re looking for ppl interested, eager to learn, share and produce in a collective way. We’re aslo interested into bands melting electronics and instruments and looking for some vj stuff.

Non commercial purpose. Nothing’s done yet, just looking around of what can be done, how by who.

If interested, PM me or answer to this thread.
Hope this will gain some interest.


btw i’m back from france,

met @anachronik there and had a nice afternoon together in a wifi cafe.
of course they also sold beer, not only cafe.

Yup :) it was really nice.
Nice weather and this coffe remind me the side of the country i like.

Let’s see us again in frankfurt(in september).

one year later:

@all the french guys:

somebody located near Gap?
I’m at Lac de Serre-Ponçon from Juli 12 for 2 weeks