BootCamp Video In

Dear experts,
I’m facing problems when trying to get a video signal into my macbookpro running bootcamp with win xp.
I tried with the VideoIn tutorial I found on this page. The video render window won’t pop up. The message in the tty-console is: ERR: Der Vorgang kann nicht ausgeführt werden, da die Filteranschlüsse nicht verbunden sind. In english sth. like “The process coundn’t be executed because the filter connectors aren’t connected”.
I’ve been trying with two different cams, one usb, one firewire. The windows installation is new, I installed directX9 and .net2.0. On my PC notebook things work fine.
Any suggestions?
Thanx in advance…


I’ve had problems with the dfg1394 video grabber, but my usb capture dongles work fine…
Is is dv cam or a firewire uncompressed camera?
It sound like drivers, but that may not really help…

Both cams are uncompressed, one is an unibrain fire-i board cam, the other some cheap logitec webcam. both cams work in win xp under bootcamp, the problem is only in vvvv, same message in win xp under parallels.
I wonder what filters the err message is talking about.

I also noticed these problems, I wonder if these errors happens because of the macbook pro firewireport which seems not to run under full speed in windows.

maybe you try to connect just the preview out of the video in - sometimes this works. I also noticed a uncommon behavior if there is more then one unibrain cam connected - seems to be a problem of the cams.

best would be if you try it on another computer (not macbook) first.

the problem doesn’t only occur with firewire cams, also with a usb webcam or the internal cam of the mbp. as mentioned in my first post, i tried everything on a pc where thing work fine.

ok, update: seems to be an video out issue. when i use a video out node and connect it to the filestream node, no video window is being created, same err message as before.