Hello and firstable sorry 4 my “good” english.
How do i made a blur? This is my question.
I want to do it in my animation with GDI Renderer.

the easiest way would be using a pixelshader. render your gdi-pass into a texture, use this in a DXRender-pass on a “fullscreen” - quad rendered with appropriate effect (GaussianBlur or someting like)

see this:
user shaders
if you want to apply blur efect to a video, use freeframe effect

Thank you but the funniest thing is that in the shader gallery zips. an “gaussian blur” is but in my list (mouse button - left or right) is it not listed. Copy doesnt work. The rest i must learn, 4 me a little bit to much at this time :D
Sorry but i learn v4 and understand not to much :/

download the effect from the effect gallery. now you have two options:

*1. place the effect in folder “effect” in the directory, where your vvvv is.
restart vvvv, alternatevely A+E (rescan for externals). now the effect should be listet in the menue under Ex9.Effects.

*2. place the effect in any place. in your patch click the middle mouse button; select open in patch from the menue. select the effect. (shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+O i think)

this should work, hopefully.
good luck and lots of vvvvun,

(1) is a desaster from a project management standpoint as soon as you start to edit your shaders for a specific project. anyway if you want to use boygrouped shaders anyhing else wont work. this is a bug.

(2) would be the preferred way, as it makes sense to have patches and effects somewhere close together. beware the bug in (1)

and 2b… drag the effect from the windows explorer in your patch. voila.

(1) is meant for generic, standart stuff that works within any patch

(2) for special purpose things (where you want your patches and shaders close together, since they are highly cross dependent)