Hey guys,
I am very new to VVVV, the beginning was nice and easy but now I have a problem with the BlurDirectional/Blur node.
The Basic Idea is to create a cube with react to audio.
Audio Input is working so far and rendering a Cube with lines also… but now I want to add a Blur(BlurDirectional) if the cube is moving on the beat. But the Blur needs a texture as input? Should I only add a grey gradient to this? Not sure how this works out. And the next problem is, the way I created the cube(with lines). I cannot blend it.

But best take a look at my file.

If you are questioning why I use this way to split the box and draw it as lines, I like to control the line width and also a nice feature is the bin size, not sure what exactly it is doing, but I like the way it removes/ adds like if you change the value.
I am not sure if my workflow is the best, so if you have any improvements let me know


main file (49.8 kB)
beat det (14.3 kB)

I dont Have that BASS audio thing installed, but what you are looking for is a renderpass.

Make a DX9texture (EX9.Texture) node, so you can convert whatever is in your renderer to a texture. That is the texture the Blurs and other effects want to use.

The only tut I know I done using this is:

that helps =D

Yeah, what you need is two renderers. one for your geometry and like westbam said, you need to connect its textuee output as a texture to a quad in another renderer for example.