Blobtracking particles inside a specified zone

Hey all,

Using dx11.particles, I’m trying to perform a blobtracking in a defined zone only (I don’t want to pickup particles outside this zone, but would still like to display them).

I thought it could be done by using a FilterBuffer set to a zone defined by Intersect + Selection before the Blob node, but for some reason the Bounds node help layer picks particles outside my zone, as you can see in the attached patch.

Anyone has a hint about it ?

Thanks !

seb (9.4 KB)

Hey seb,
I just changed the Selection Mode of Bounds to GROUP_InsideZone and it only picks those are inside!
OR I don’t get what you’re trying to achieve!


Hey baxtan, thanks for checking :)

Indeed … that works. This is extracted from a bigger project I’m working on, I’m pretty sure I set up Bounds correctly in there but there was still something wrong … i’ll report back tomorrow !


well … turns out it was not setup correctly, thanks for the pointer :)

I still don’t get why the Blob module “sees” those particles even if
I put a FilterBuffer before it. Shouldn’t it discard all the particles not being inside “InsideZone” ?

EDIT : OK, after digging more I realized I had to AND the InsideZone thingy with the Blob node, works as expected now :)

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