Blobtracking menu and logic

Hi , I am newbbie and i trying do a menu with blobtracking engine, people pass in front of screen and hit over a quad to launch a animation THE PROBLEM IS THE BUTTON QUAD STILL “ACTIVEDED” AND LFO STILL IN “LOOP” BECAUSE I CAN’T DEACTIVED BECAUSE I CANT TELL THE LFO COUNTER IS > 0, THE ACTUAL IDEA IS GET THE LFO PIN OUT CONTER AND RETURN WITH A SWITCH 0 TO LFO WITH LOOP BACK IN PAUSE PIN IN , but vvvv can’t return values in the same frame help!!!

help I DON’T have idea i have many problems with this kind of logic , thank you

Everybody has this problems sometime: read about Creating Feedback Loops.

and maybe repair your keyboard; seems your CAPSLOCK is broken ;)

And take a look at FlipFlop, MonoFlop, Toggle.

KALLE & FRANK many THANKSSSSS. if someone have a patch with example of the problem is welcome. while i still studing this.

nowthespacebarisbrokendamit!!!ineednewkeyboard ;)

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