Blending & Masking Quads

If i have 3 quads ontop of each other with render state blend mode, id there a way to put another quad over the top with no blend mode, so it takes precedance and you only see that quad with no blending. Ive tried this and it and even when i dont use a blend node on the last quad it still blends with the others! Is there a node which i have missed?


are you using separate quad nodes or a single spreaded quad node? it would be nice to see your patch …

when using separate nodes, make sure the priorities in the Group (EX9 Priority) node are set right, so that your ‘last’ quad is really rendered last (i.e. overwriting the others).

if you are using a single spreaded quad, make sure that the blending mode is spreaded, too. in this case, the quad that is rendered last is the one defined by the last slice in the spread(s) controlling the quad node.

Ah, the priority pin!Ill have a look, in the mantime, heres the last patch i have on this machine.



Sample1DecMK14Tinkering.v4p (88.7 kB)