Blend the Line?

Hi guys! Do you know, if I overlap 3 quads with 3 basic color (rgb=100,010,001 or if you prefer red, green and blue) using the Blend (EX9.RenderState) in ADD modality I obtain a white quad. ok?

Seems that this is not working with the Line (EX9.Geometry)

BlendLine.v4p (15.2 kB)

noticed the same thing some time ago. seems that line don’t support the blending. i resolved using a walkaround with bones and boxes, instead of lines. attached a patch. just for usability i’ve created a subpatch (alternative_line.v4p) that has the needed pin in, and a layer pin out, so you can drag and drop in any project where you need a line with blendingcapabilities ;)
hope it helps

blending capable line module (7.5 kB)