Blend textures


i try to blend some textures, a few of icons with alpha (with diffrent position and sizes) over a background layer.i play around with blend ex9.texture mixer(overlay mode), it works fine with 2 textures (background + 1 overlay), but is not spreadable for the overlay textures.

is there a better node.
thanks jens

you can try to use SetAlpha on a Quad with the texture, this can also be spreaded.

i try to get this effect, with more than one overlay texture (249.7 kB)

you can make a chain of many BlendFX instances

can you give me an example, what you mean with “chain”

Some blend in your blend…

Blend_Chain.v4p (11.6 kB)


the problem is i can`t translate the overlay textures over the background
i need a few of overlay textures (witch different positions) over one background

… no text …

Blend_Chain_for envoy.v4p (14.6 kB)