Blank CV nodes

Hey guys,

I’m completely new to VVVV… I’m studying Medialogy and we would like to use it for a school project in connection with computer vision and projection mapping.

So, I’ve downloaded the contribution called VVVV.Packs.Image. I’m able to add the CV nodes to my patch but what happens is that they appear red, then turn grey in a few seconds, and they have no input or output pins.

Thanks in advance!

What exact version of vvvv did you download, what architecture (x86/x64) and what exact version did you download of the image pack?

Hey Elias, I’m using vvvv_45beta33.1_x64 and the pack “vvvv.packs_.image_b33-x86”

@gericsapo: there you have your answer: x64 and x86 don’t mix. there is no x64 version of the imagepack available yet so you’ll also have to use the x86 version of vvvv.

@joreg: Yess, it’s working now. Thanks joreg!