Black projection surface

this time a little practical question someone here might have an answer for.

I am working where we would like to project onto a black wall. Painting the wall white is not really an option since when not projecting, the wall should appear black/disappear.

So I am wondering if any of you know a way of treating a wall with something that will keep the wall black or nearly black when not projecting onto it but still be a good(ish) screen for projection.


I actually have a similar project but I’m going to use a gauze to project on, pref black or grey.
Basically you can project on black, but you need more lumens to get an image!
At least double what you would normally use…
I have heard about using mica powder to add more reflectivity but still keep the screen black, you could try that, and of course use high contrast images!

I’ve done a couple of project’s were projection on a dark surface. On both occasions the surface was painted and textured with some form of reflective material. Here a pic of a gig where the surface is pretty dark but given the luxury of powerful projectors cut through.
We also use scrollers with masks on to kill the projector grey to get a proper black.

if it’s a option, you can try to cover wall with black projection film

I just finished on a show called 2071 currently at the royal court London.

We were using Gerriets Show laser Screen, which is meant of rear projection but we used it as front projection with the matt side facing the audience, it worked really well. We had 3 x panasonic DS100XE 10k projections.

Its running at the Court until this Saturday then travelling to Hamburg late December.
Projection design by Luke Halls

also, placing some kind of transparent white fabric, net like thing will reflect the projection much more while still keeping black feeling