Binary Serialization seems broken on exported app

I’m having some problems serializing a record on an exported app.
It works in gamma but not the exported version.
The last working version i’ve tested is 2021.4.9-0975, now i’m updating my app to the newest preview (2021.4.11-1125) and i have discovered this issue.
I’ve tried with Binary and Bson serialization with the same result.

Any patch or instructions you can share?

Basically i’m collecting 4 records in a Tuple.
Nothing special inside the records, just floats, integers and a few enums, also 1 of the records has a few Records as properties following the same principle, just floats, integers, and enums…

Tuple (4 Items) <Record1, Record2, Record3, Record4>

The whole structure is serialized (Binary) and sent over network as bytes using UDP.

My system consist of 1 Sender and 1 Receiver as independent parts.

-If i use the Sender exported version, the Receiver shows a generic error in the Deserialize node.
-If i use the Sender Gamma version and the Receiver as exported app, it doesn’t get deserialized but i can’t see the error (for obvious reasons).
-If i use just the Gamma versions on booth parts (Sender and Receiver) everything is fine.

Ok, i just found that this simple Record is also having Serialization problems on the exported version.
Just Serialize (Binary) and sending over network using UDP.

Same scenario than before, 1 Sender and 1 Receiver but much simpler datatype

Was able to reproduce on our end. Only the most recent builds were affected by it, therefor big thanks for testing! You’ll find a fix in upcoming builds (>= 4.11-1144).

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Cool, Thank you Elias