Bin Size output UnZip: why?

hi! can someone explain me the utility of the outlets, i mean the outputs, BinSize in the Unzip (Value Bin) spread ?

Have you read all of the Documentation regarding values, bin sizes and spreads in vvvv? The Documentation section of this site is here to help you understand how vvvv works.

yes, I mean that it seems useless to me!
when using Unzip, the BinSize of each elements is what you put to the BinSize inlet, so you already have it!

well it’s not quite the same since the bins are distributed between the outputs. Guess you could patch it, but nice to have it built in.

Unzip (Value Bin) help.v4p (8.6 kB)

Also you only have that bin size value available to you if you’re actually using a Zip (Spreads) in the same patch, which isn’t always the case.