BGRA textures

Trying to figure out something that seems really basic. I’m trying to convert or just work with BGRA textures. Whether I use a temp target renderer or the convert format patch (same thing under the hood) the TTY flips out. Is it something to do with the underlying device/context?

U can remap color channels in pixel shader, and if u describe what you need would be easier to help

Yeah, sorry about that, wrote this at 2am, admittedly just putting out feelers to see if I was missing anything basic.

I have an external that’s generating B8G8R8A8_UNORM textures, and I want to take a v4 resource and use CopyResource to get V4 data into them. The default format for dx11 textures is R8G8B8A8_UNORM. CopyResource needs them to be the same format to work, so I figure I want to convert v4 textures to use BGRA.

I ended up digging in my library to change the format of the textures it exposes to an RGBA format, still haven’t quite diagnosed the [roblem in the dx11 pack if there is one.

hi, i did some tests with pixel shader here, seems non of BGRA formats work…
u should post an issue here

With DX11 1.3.1 I had the same problem trying to send Spout to the Unreal Engine Spout plugin, which appears to only accept B8G8R8A8_UNorm. Renderer (DX11 TempTarget) throws errors on the console with that format.

But! Turns out Renderer (DX11 TextureSpread) works fine, just use the default texture count of 1.