Beta36 ui bug with saving


Does anyone else experience problems when saving the root of larger projects with b36?

I had a range of errors from root can not be saved and tells something like
“grrrrrr i could save the patch”

Other times it just doesnt save, stays with “*” in filename.

Restart fixes the problem, but patch wasnt saved then…

Happend already 3 times accross different projects.

But I didnt encounter this problem pre b36.

no log was available unfortunately.



Yes, seems random to me and yes only seems to happen on larger projects.


does this happen when you’re saving into Dropbox or similar?


Yes Pcloud.


can you check if the problem does not exist if you save in a normal directory?


hey i am using a normal directory with git repo


so i checked the code and found two possible lines where such an error is shown. in both cases the error-message is instructing you to paste the error-message from the clipboard to the forum, so we can see what went wrong.

if you don’t see those instructions, please take a screenshot of the error and post that here, so we can find the corresponding line of code.


yes it was indeed showing this. And i tried to paste from clipboard. But nothing was copied there despite what it said.
But also didnt appeared anymore after posting this.

But thanks for looking into this ghostly bug, i will let you know if it happens again


weird if nothing in clipboard, but then a screenshot please next time!