Beta27 bugs

files in lib/core,assets,thirdparty have no flag
files in lib/nodes have flag set

to release my OS environment I download and winzip to separate directory beta26, after run crack of beta26 - new instance of beta26 working as expected

@dannielmach: how did you resolve it.
@dimix: so b26 works, but b27 still not? if you don’t mind trying another unzipper, like that would be interesting to hear. i still have no idea why the new crack didn’t remove your flags from files in lib/nodes

Here everything works perfectly so replaces the crack … and the first decompression was realized my mistake … even better performance in dell n4030 …

@joreg: resolved
I use Winrar to unzip b27 package and new crack.
all is working now. don’t know what was wrong with my Winzip.
anyway thanks for assistance.

does it also work with the old crack?

with unzipping with Winrar - YES

I used winrar 64bits.

BUG or not BUG?

{img src="sites/default/files/screenshot1324964697.png" title=“title”}

I wanted to use the beautiful PICOL icons ~ and substituted the “Black” color with “red” “green” “blue” “yellow” and run into issues with transforms slices ~ why the group has a transform? where other “group” nodes (ext9 etc) doesn’t have that?

asSVG (String) is missing a transfom pin (circle (SVG), … etc) have that

the 4 transform slices ar not distributed to the 4 SVGelements.

example attached

BUG_AsSVG_Group(SVG)_substitue(String).v4p (22.1 kB)

ai guest,
please start a new thread for that.

i try win zip and 7 zip, still i have some bugs
multiscreen have red nodes, some nodes are missing, Voidnull don’t exist, and from the kinect node ( the version of vvvv 27 ) from the node that have all the transformation that goes to the transform node ( x y z ) y can’t connect a damper for example, and on vvvv26 i can… the damper shows the highlight pin as an input, but if yo click it nothing hapens…
is all this under a “normal” bug from the unzip to its something else ?
( same behavior on 3 systems )

@vjc4 please try latest alpha.

Hi, I can’t see Renderer(EX9) box on beta27

hai andro,

please be more specific about your problem. no idea what you mean. also consider starting a new thread for your problem, as this one is already marked as resolved.