Beta27.1 freeze on startup

Hi all, beta27.1 freezes at splashscreen. Here Win7 64.
I’ve followed instructions found in, VVVV crashes at startup, except for 3.5SP1.

beta27 is running fine.


EDIT: I redownloaded the file, still nothing. But it happens that vvvv_45alpha27.2-develop-3d0cb1ea54d0b6f6fa7359e29ca90154c27ab705 + addons instead works (not tested at all, but loads reeeeally fast +/- 1 sec the 2nd time).

REEDIT: I downloaded last alpha27.1 before release. That is working too, high performances.

So on this machine are working last alpha 27.1 and first 27.2, but no official release. Let me know if there’s something I can/should do.

Ciao (886 Bytes)

hmm, strange, does it help if you delete the nodelist.xml files in lib/nodes and addonpack/lib/nodes?

Hi, no, it makes no difference.

I can not find any reason -dependencies, other software, win updates, something waiting for something else, evil-eye… mostly because other three versions run.

Ow… I wanna DeleteSlice! :)

just to be sure: download again. unzip again. maybe something went wrong in that part. ignore addonpack for now.

Ok, now it’s running.

This has been, I guess, the 4th download: thought it was useless to dl it again.
This time used 7zip, instead of Win native stuff.

Thank you devvvvs, great job.