Beta26 do not want to start patches anymore


i turn on pc today and run my beta26 as usual. but it suggest me to run it as administrator. i agreed and it run empty patch. i choose a project to load at explorer, but it says nothing. no load, no errors…

after restart pc same bug continues.
after reinstall beta26 same bug continues.

only way it run patches now is from main menu open dialog or /o startup parameter…

have no any idea, since have no any log messages.

and one more thing)
it not allow me to drag-n-drop subpatches from explorer into a patch.

ok. seems reinstall beta26 in a folder different from folder of previous installing solve a problem. but what it was???

i’ve no idea why it wanted you to start vvvv as admin, but if you do (start as admin), you can’t drop patches as a normal user on a program running as admin. windows security stuff.

hi bo27, try to edit by right clikc the vvvv.exe autorisation, applied to all users.
i had this strange weird things with other apps recently, it sounds a Windows update ****!!!#¤@ !

thanks! i have no idea why it happened. solved with rename folder. Since not allowed to drag-n-drop is normal behavior in admin mode, this is not vvvv bug.