Beta25 - IOBox (color) opens as IOBox (value advanced) in older versions


i just discovered that an IOBox(color) created in beta25 does open as IOBox(value advanced) in earlier versions !?
This makes a stepback to an earlier version difficult and does not make much sense in my eyes.
Looking at the XML-file i think, this is a bug.
A IOBox(color) created in beta25 is represented by the line:

Why nodename=“IOBox (Value Advanced)” ? If you change “Value Advanced” manually in the editor to “color” the node is opening correctly in beta 25 and beta 24.1 !?


thats a bug. we have a new system to reference nodes, there was the idea to maintain backwards compatibility, but it does not seem to work properly. but mosz software dont even try to do that… because its a hard job, so just stick with b25…

sorry for that. fixed for upcoming release