Beta24 sudden death while node creation

i think it’s worth starting a thread.
it was a real easy patch without any freeframe or plugins. as i clicked on Camera (Transform Softimage) vvvv froze everything. i had to log off from Win7 to kill vvvv.

maybe catweasel can describe his phenomenons more precise?

I’ve had in while patching, possibly complicated patches… And it not a freeze, its a click on the node in the list and then I’m staring at a blank desktop, instant quit, naughty vvvv!
There’s nothing wrong with the node itself, not plugins, stock nodes, you can go back and create one next time with no issues…

In fact I’ve also been getting, quits on going fullscreen with the patch I’m currently working on, can see I’m going to have to stretch the renderer and hope the frame rates ok… This one has 2 renderers interface and output, 2 vid ins, disconnected when I try and go fullscreen, 1 video file, again disconnected, and 1 patch layer, this isn’t a sudden quit, it takes a second, nothing appears in tty then bye bye…