Beta22/23 saving behaviour

sorry for inprecise description:

i notice slightly increased saving problems since beta22/23.

can’t tell exactly because i used 22 only one week before moving to 23.

so when i open those patch~temp5.v4p files they mostly basically work; but some IOBoxes “lost” their stored values and also their appearance behaviour like font, grid etc.

*sometimes it’s not possible to delete nodes.
i never had this before.

*viewing the XML: sometimes nodenames are stored in large caps: it is mostly FILETEXTURE (EX9.TEXTURE)
i don’t think that this causes problems, but also this i never experienced before.

sometimes it’s not possible to delete nodes.

and when this happens:
*i can select the nodes
*they show up in the inspector
*it is NOT possible to move these nodes in the patch.
*it is NOT possible to delete these nodes in the patch.

Renderee TTY keeps quiet.

i have to delete them “manually” using XMLmarker to repair the patch.
quite annoying in a large patch…

further more sometimes i experienced sometimes that
i delete a node
the node really vanishes from the patch
but Herr TTY says “can’t delete node for unknown reasons”
and with the next start of the patch the node is still there…

not sure if this is the cause but is your project saved in a folder named _Name or containing other special characters like “unterstrich”. same happend to me when vvvv itself is in a folder structure with special characters somewhere…

interesting hint…

the foldernames do not contain special chars; indeed the patchname has a leading underscore like _RenderRoot.v4p

but this is a quite common practice and i never had problems with that in beta21.
can you confirm that?

in my paths a lot of special characters… e:/__=/!M14proj/_root_S.v4p
but never saw problem Kalle talks about

i’m under XP

patch names are fine…i just have the case of vvvv being on a second partition, within a folder named with underscore and copy+paste didn’t work in patch at some point. and copy+paste uses xml so i thought this could be a reason for your ‘bug’ too.

anyway…good hunting

ps: i had saving problems too with beta 22/23 but since avoiding enums again all is fine. maybe just a placebo effect :)

within a folder named with underscore and copy+paste didn’t work in patch at some point.

i remember that “special char issue in foldername” also only connected to networking actions; means calling patches from a network location.

anyway i renamed my multiboygroupserverpatch to sth without underscore but without success. i still have that strange issues; especially with nodes that can’t be deleted.

though i have to admit that the patch is more close to “massive” than to “slim”…

but still i am sure i never,never had this with beta21