Beta21's tiny issues

great realease - but there are 2 things that might be a bug. (only tested on my laptop - maybe it works on others) ;)

1st - if you dont delete the ARGS.TXT the demo patch ALWAYS starts… thats ok - but if you start your own projects by selecting your v4p-file, the demo patch starts in background too…


'till beta 20 i was able to reset any input pin by pressing

now it does nothing :(

known problems or my failure? ;)


this should be considered as a feature not a bug. this way you can write your own default root patch which should be opened any time you start vvvv independent of the way you start it.
ask kalle what default modules should be placed in the root patch. he knows a lot of them…

hm. i can confirm that his changed accidently. you need to use ALT-right click for now.

thanks gregsn for reply,

i know that facts about args.txt… but now in beta21 it starts ALWAYS the demo patch - even you start your OWN patches (it starts your patch and the demo patch)

ok - this not really a bug (because you can delete the args.txt) but its different to other releases ;)

thanks for the hint with ALT+RIGHTCLICK ;)