Beta21's tiny issues

  • broken link in Sprite (DX9).v4p (to TextureScale (Transform) Module)

I noticed same thing in multiscreen(EX9).help

  • the new autoname feature (wow!!!) seems not to work with IOBox (Node)

I’ve also noticed thast

with fit elipse if you set bin size to 0 tty streams a list of
points etc, but vvvv is locked

Gui 2d.dll is missing, although the help files are there…

thanks for noting those. shall all be fixed.

forgot to remove the gui2d helppatches. tonfilm will soon provide them as a separate download (for now…)

Where is the Collada plugin, I don’t seem to have one? :(

right…ahm we have a little trouble with that one (like with the gui2d) so elias will provide an extra download soon for alpha-testing.

broken links in the:

  • MultiScreen (EX9) help.v4p
  • Grid (EX9 Test legacy) help.v4p

broken link in multiviewport help file as well
whatever tiny issues, still a great release :) thumbs up

thx! keep them coming…

(there should be a warning when saving a patch referencing modules with absolute paths… … …)

i’ll fix that next week when in berlin again. we’ll include those modifications in an addon-update and put up a new vvvv zip with those linking fixes under the same name only for those who haven’t downloaded it yet.

go here for gui2d: tonfilm-plugins

Sprite (DX9 Rotary) - missing “y” in-pin (iobox not named in the patch)

the infrared of the new WiiMotePlugin.dll
doesn’t work anymore in beta21…
this new dll works fine in beta20

ps: this new version now support guitar & balanceboard
thx velcrome :)

Particles help file and other new modules crash after a second or so. VVVV completely disapears. Beyon is having troubles also I think. Very strange. is it a tiny issue? :) v19 and 20 work great

Particles helpfile work fine on my system in beta21

Where is the Collada plugin, I don’t seem to have one? :(

See COLLADA Plugin thread.

@tiny issues - links in modules: did i forget something?

(put the contents into the MODULES\vvvv group folder)
edit: removed attachment

MultiScreen (EX9 Spanmode) from addon pack empty

i just replaced the official downloads ( and on the Downloads page with versions fixing the broken links mentioned above.

only .v4p files were changed. no functionality was changed. therefore no new version name was given - it is save to overwrite your earlier downloads.

note: you only need one of them to fix your vvvv folder.

sorry for the inconvenience.

as an alternative you can put the attached files into your modules directory.

vvvv (28.5 kB)