Beta 30.1 xml nodes / how to split up an element

Hello dear vvvv´s

I just started using beta30.1, before i was still working with beta29…
Also I just started using the new xml nodes. Yesterday I was fiddling with them in beta29 and it was easy for me to split up an XElements with the Element (XML Split)

But now in beta30.1 this node is missing. I also have a suspiciously little amount of xml nodes in my new beta.

Am I missing something? the addonpack seems to be correctly installed.
Any hints?


they’ve been renamed in b30. look for XElement.

oh, right. Thanks. But shoudln´t these kind of nodes also have the xml tag?

they will in beta30.2 - as you can read in shoutbox 30.1 wasn’t supposed to be public.