Beta 26 wrong paths?

I just installed and reinstalled the latest beta 26 and it seems having problems finding my effects and some plugins, any idea why? where should i keep them? usual vvvv folders or inside of addons folder?

here is the rules for handling addons:

  • don’t touch directories shipping with vvvv (\effects, \plugins, \modules)
  • download the addonpack and put it in vvvv\addonpack but don’t put anything else there
  • put your own stuff or stuff you downloaded from contributions anywhere (e.g. Desktop\Contributions\effects, Desktop\Contributions\plugins) and reference the path (e.g. Desktop\Contributions) in your root patch.

also see nodes and paths

thanks… no text …

one silly question (because i’m facing similar problems):

is it important to make subfolders called “effects” “plugins” etc.?

it is the recommended way but it should also work without those.