Beta 26 getslice texture no workey

I excitedly loaded up beta26, but my patches using getslice(node) are broken; it seems that it just doesn’t work at all, passing on the first slice no matter what index is set.

Here’s a test patch that works fine in 25.1, but not 26.

Can’t wait to try out the new stuff!

getslicetexbug.v4p (6.1 kB)

I fear we can narrow it down to the Queue (Texture) node.

This patch looks different in Beta 25.1 (correct) than it does in 26. :(

getslicetexbug2.v4p (9.1 kB)

Good catch, West. I saw in Herr Inspector that there was in fact a spread coming out of queue, and should not have ASS-U-ME’d that they were not all the same.

I saw in the release notes that there are some texture fixes in 26 and it got my hopes up that some of the nasty hangs and whatnot would go away, but guess something else got broken.


just for now i contributed a module as a quick fix, that should be able to replace the Queue (EX9Texture):

like always dont change the vvvv folder. put the module in your “contributions” folder. descriptions how to do that are in the root patch (alt-r).

Buffer is different than Queue in that Queue inserts the new slice always at index 1, and moves the rest up. Buffer just inserts the new slice at the index. So a getslice gets something different from the two - in the case of queue, you get a slice delayed by (index) frames; with buffer, you get a slice that changes every (frame count) frames, whose phase is determined by (index).

However, you did point me in the direction of a workaround, which is to add an output pin to your bugfix of the Counter output, and then just subtract the desired index from that pin and feed the resulting number into getslice. Voila! A circular texture buffer that works.

BUT… for some perverse reason this workaround only works in b26. When I run it in 25.1, Buffer only outputs all white in every slice. Sigh…

Code example attached. (2.4 kB)

Ooops, should have been sending the Counter output -1 to the output pin.

Queue (EX9.Texture Bugfix 2).v4p (5.3 kB)

Got a drop-in texture Queue module working:


But again it only works in beta26, nothing earlier that I’ve tested. You don’t need it in an earlier release, but this means your patch can’t be portable.

fixed… no text …