Beta 25 doesnt let shader to be opened inside

hum…sorrrry about this bad new, but a shader seems not being loadable, or doenst appears in the patch when trying to load it.


hi karistouf, could you post the shader here? if not, what’s the name of the shader (filename)? is it one of yours or one of the natives?

hi ellias, here it is. and i have tried also other good simple shaders. same results. if you dont have this trouble, do you think its possible i have a problem with my .NET 3.5 ?

Negative.fx (3.8 kB)

ok , founded the bug:

This works:

this doesnt works:

this will work for calling the 2 sames shaders:
SUBDIR/shader.fx (second instance will appear in the patch if the first one is in the same dir)

this doesnt occurs in 24.1 so forget about my 3.5 thing

hi karistouf,

it works over here.

reference handling should be quite powerful in beta25. it is explained here:
nodes and paths

so in your case:
to get the effect into your patch just drag and drop it from wherever it is located and save the patch. you will be able to open it since the path to it is stored in the patch.

if you don’t like the drag & drop and just want to be able to create the effect with the nodebrowser,

  • you either need to tell vvvv where it should look, which is done via search paths, which are specified in the root
  • or put it in a folder which is automatically scanned without the need to specify it as a search path: all paths of open patches are checked for nodes and also their subdirs with names like “/effects”, …

so we advise you to either put your effects

  • in a global dir where you store all your own addons/effects (and add the search path in the root)
  • if it is not your effect: in a global dir where you store all foreign contributions (and add the search path)
  • locally beside you patch
  • or in a local folder beside your patch named “effects”

hi gregsn. understood. need to refresh my brain about it and to reformat it …

dont know why the old way is not possible. could be great to keep its previous simplicity.

hm, then i think i didn’t get it.
i can’t see what is easier in 24.1.

can you please make a step by step tutorial for me, that i can go through in beta24.1 or earlier versions showing that simplicity?

hi gregsn,

sorry about this idea of simplicity, but for me simplicity was:

-opening an fx inside the patch by open in patch. I was never doing a drag and drop. i have now to set path of ressources of root.
and if i have well understood now, you can specify on a same computer different roots.

But i completely understand now after reading Nodes and paths that i really need to reformat my way to work with vvvv . ;-)

hi karistouf,
just going through all the threads tagged with “bug”, related to b25 and status still open. if i read this thread correctly several issues (and misunderstandings) were stated and i think the misunderstandings were answered by gregsn and the issues like open effect from “open-in-patch-dialog” or effect of same name at different locations are fixed in upcoming release (see change-log)).
so i’ll close this one.

sorry ellias