Beta 25 / beta 24.1 back to 23

hi everybody.

just to send back some few elements for debug / optimisation ect … of the beloved vvvv:

-24.1 is taking a lot of time on start.

-25 more and more time, and without splashcreen.

-related to this absence of splashscreen: I loosed acces to visualisation of my main patch. why ? how ? … I dont know.
Loading main patch > nothing showing up.
this bug happends quite a lot of time in the 3 last days. I had to recreate each time my mainpatch. This seems to come from a NIL coming from Color tracker, causing bug in all the patch ( wich is not complex and quite simple)
I had to get back to 24.1 > same thing. I cant load back my main patch
On certain subpatches, saved with 25, enumerations become silly empty IO box ( string)

-Get back to 23: works BUT IO boxes for S and R silly and empty and Enumerations destroyed

-Going back to version 23 shows up performance aspect in a radical manier: more powerfull for graphics, less consumation of ressources with GPU than 24.1 and 25, starting quickly, code editor ok.

so staying on this new project with 23 ( helas, i was hopping to use code editor for plugins)

Voilà, i hope this may help