Best way to build a file selector

I have been trying to come up with a good way of selecting a file - in particular an AVI file for a filestream -> video texture. I have got an IObox with a file list and an IObox with buttons next to each filename row. What is the best way to detect the index of the slice that has been changed (ie: clicking a bang button)?! Or is there a better way to select a file than bangs and 2 IOboxes?!

try the Select (String) node in combination with a S+H (String) . and you’ll also need the OR (Boolean Spectral)

That’s it! Thank you… here is my new file sector module.

fileSelector.v4p (25.4 kB)

Is there any obvious reason why i cant bang this as a sub patch? It appears that the S+H node doesnt Sample & Hols when in a sub patch?

I have the same problem, but only when a save and reload. ?¿
it´s a bug?