Best hardware?

Hi all!

probably this is a rather stupid question, but I’m planning to buy a new computer so I need to know: Which ressources does VVVV stress most, graphic card or processor?
And: is there a hardware-combination VVVV-veterans swear on, or should i go for “the newest hardware brings the best performance”?

I apologize if this was asked before, but I couldn’t find anything in the forum.

Thanks for response.

ai, take this as a starting point: System Recommendations

some threads here and here


What is your main use of vvvv : discovery, tracking , 3D …
And then what is your budget.

@joreg and xd_nitro: thank you, the posted links helped me a lot!

@digitalslaves: I dont have one main purpose yet, still I got some ideas in mind which involve basically 3D-mapping and motion tracking. budget is around 2000-2500 euro.