Best codec for large video

Hallo guys! I need to play very large video (my goal is 20400x2160)
I already discovered the limit for mp4 (h264): 8192

what kind of codec I can use? Looks like max texture size for my card is 16384x16384, I may go to 16384 once I know if some codec support it

oh, I’m using FileStream (DX11.Texture VLC)

Hi, it seems like you are using beta - you can use hap for this. Such a player is available for gamma as well - in case you want to try it out.

P.S. The 16k pixels limit is a general limit for dx textures, as I know.

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for video playback see: Playback | vvvv beta documentation

you can check the size limits of your GPU with GPU-Z: GPU-Z Graphics Card GPU Information Utility

under advanced → CUDA you should see a number of limits for different resources. modern GPUs should even support much larger textures than 16k:

thanks guys! I discovered the HAP and it works well, but no more than 16384 pixels

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