Best camera to record dx11 nrt vizualisation?

Hello everyone I am trying to have various camera movements while doing a non realtime render.

am wondering if there is a way to record when I orbit via keybord shortcut the camera movement.

It just feels so intuitive to move around the object via keyboard shortcut. To do non realtime rendering I think I would have to use timeliner - is there a way that I can record keybord shortcut movement and then pass that to timeliner?

appreciate any help

to record camera movements using shortcut buttons that would be awesome

without exactly understanding what you’re looking for i’m quite certain it can easily be patched.

for recording values have a look at Sequencer (Animation) and Sequencer (Animation Advanced). but for NRT rendering also consider planning the cameramovements manually using BezierEditor (3d) and then using ArcLength (3d BezierSpline) to sample the spline.

Awesome Joreg! thank you for coming to the rescue I will look into the suggested nodes.


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