Best camera(s) for dedicated streaming setup?

Can anyone suggest a pair of cameras that have the following qualities?

-Can stream uncompressed 1080p (ideally) video to a capture card. (Or straight into VVVV with low overhead)
-Can be made detect infrared light and filter out visible light.
-Fairly easy to mount together so they capture a similar perspective at mid/long distances.
-Changeable lenses, so I have some control over the zoom/etc for different performance situations. (Non essential if the camera’s native FOV is adequate for a range of middle distance scenarios)
-Support for longish cables. (probably not more than 15-20m in most cases)
-Not absurdly expensive.

I’ve recently been working on an infrared/video feedback based fire tracking effect for fire spinning performances, as seen in the video below:

It works pretty well, but I’m at a stage where I want to put together a setup that I can dedicate to this purpose for fire gigs instead of fairly hackishly appropriating my dslr and webcam.

I’ve checked out the video hardware links at: video hardware links, but I’m not really familiar enough with the kinds of cameras listed to be able to make an informed decision about what I need, and since this is (for now) a non-commercial project my budget is limited.

My current setup works, but it has a few shortfalls that impede prolonged use:

-My DSLR is limited to 30 minutes of streaming before it shuts off and I have to reset Live View.
-DSLR and webcam have fairly different FOVs. A lot of this can be compensated for in VVVV, but it’s a lot harder to match perspective than it would be if both cameras had the same optics.
-Webcam (logitech c920) is decent, but it can’t capture as many fine details as my dslr so sometimes the tracking mask I get from it isn’t brilliant unless I’m pretty close to the subject.

Any thoughts on what might be adequate for my purposes?