Benchmarking vvvv systems

hi all,

i was wondering if any of you have some kind of patch which is good for benchmarking the pc (or mac) vvvv is running on. I suppose some kind of directx rendering with a fps output in the renderer would do. i’m not experienced enough to decide which features exactly to include.

the background is, that i usually use osx on my notebook and feel like doing some after work patching at home. i have installed virtual box with the experimental directx drivers and i like to know if the performance is anywhere near a version not running on a virtual machine. so if you have a small patch, let me know, maybe a few users could run it and post the results, so we can see which setups are good.

thanks, dave

yeah def be interesting to see what specs run at what speeds

I remember something like this back in 2006

ok thanks for the tip. i’ll check that out.