Behaviour change of disabled Renderer (EX9) >= beta33 :(

This is odd and is effecting my project right now :(

Attached patch demonstrates the change we now see in 33.1 x64.

*Open in <= 32
*Open in >= 33

(I’ve not tested x86 or the point versions between)


Enabled Renderer Test.v4p (5.5 kB)

any idea of when a fix might occur with this please?


now available in alpha download.

bug fix beta coming soon.

thanks for the fix gregsn

oh sorry though it was fixed. Something still different in beta33.3 and I think it’s wrong. Def related to this thread though.

attached example shows,

In beta32 (also 31, not checked further back) if you change the backbuffer of a disabled renderer it updates the DX9Texture output. To to this it must enable the renderer for a frame which seems wrong somehow. However, this does make more sense than what it is now doing in 33.3…

In beta 33.3 if you change the backbuffer of a disabled renderer then it just blanks the DX9Texture. I’m guessing the DX9Texture node see the BB change and says give me it but because the renderer is disabled it draws a blank.

However, I feel neither is right. If I change the backbuffer of a disabled renderer then it shouldn’t change the DX9Texture output until I enable the renderer.

Enabled Renderer Test 2.v4p (13.9 kB)

you could enter all relevant info in the dx9texture (size etc.). that way the texture doesn’t get black. would that help?

hey gregsn, ok yes this makes sense. In my project I dont actually use the backbuffer on the renderer itself, it just worked out that way for my example. It also blanks the texture output from the DX9Texture if you change the backbuffer there also but I guess I would expect that though so it’s not that big of an issue.

This change did mean that my beta31 project didn’t open in beta33 and work. After working out the issue I only had to make some small changes to my patches to ensure that I didn’t change backbuffers until I was ready to render that texture.

I’m happy with the new behaviour as there is a way of working whereby it makes more sense than previously. However I still do think that a change to the backbuffer of a disabled renderer shouldn’t blank a DX9Texture with 0 width and height.

I’ve not got a DX11 copy running here so I dont know how it behaves in the same situations but I’d be interested.