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Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody had an idea how I could create several arrrows reacting to a sinewave. So that the arrows represent the sine wave without it being represented by an official line. If that makes sense.

Kind regards.

hello, I don’t know if that’s what you mean, but you can modify the dynamic mesh help patch so that it renders lines that look like a sine wave:


SineSticks.vl (36.1 KB)

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Maybe they mean an arrow pointing along the tangent?

That is already going into the right direction of how it should look like. Thank you very much.
My idea was that the arrows would move in reaction to the sine wave. So that each individual arrow only has to move up or down but the total picture of all the arrows represents a sinewave. And I’m not sure if this would be necessary to do in 3D.

Thanks a lot, this already helps me.

you can use the same sine wave generator patch with Skia in 2d…

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