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Hi, I’m very new to vvvv, and I’m trying to make an audio visualizer. Right now it’s very reactive, and I was wondering if there was a way to make the modulation smoother? I mean the input from the FFT into the radius of the circle that I have, so that it is less jittery and all over the place. Also, I want to make it only react to the bass, but when I put a filter on the audio signal (from an audioplayer playing an mp3 file), it says something along the lines of “[Audio Signal] is no Audio Signal!” and it stops the flow of audio. How do I either get around this or just make the low frequencies pass through to the radius of the circle? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I’m coming from a background of modular audio synthesis, so thank you for your patience!

to make the modulation smoother you could use Filter. If you need to make something to react only on the bass or a range or frequency you can use a GetSpread and a ForEach loop with Accumulator. This way you can average the range and filter it.

AverageSpread.vl (12.0 KB)

Hey, and welcome!

You might also wanna have a look at the OneEuroFilter node. It has a nice help patch showing how it differs from a “classic” Damper node.

Ok, thank you!! I’ll be sure to try that later today !

It worked great! Thank you for the advice, and the helpful example patch!

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