Hello, has anybody worked with the beattracker-node?

Please tell me about your experience and wishes, because i am going to modify it soon.

Thanks, MeAnimal

Wow, okay, let me think about this :)

Ehh… a ‘break (brake?)’ detection would be so cool, so when the RMS drops, a pin gets triggered, so we can see the music/beat stops. I now do it with the RMS, some dampers and a switch.

And perhaps you can fix the need to connect an Audio Out, I know it is needed, but is just stupid.

Sure I got more wishes, but need to look better.

Very nice you are willing to improve it!!

Thanks,i do not know how to implement it yet, but good idea.
Another idea is an output-pin which indicates the probability of the correctness of the found beat.

shoutbox.guest, 00:23, 19.06.08: what are you plannying on doing with beatracker?

-Some new pins, mainly for the convenient use of the node.

-Implement it as a straight vst-plugin, so that it also can be used outside of vvvv