Beattracker improvements

hello there,

i’ve had a look into e:cue’s audio analysis a few days ago and i`ve been really impressed how well it’s working - best i have seen yet. i am really satiisfied with beattracker too, in comparison though, there’s one thing which would be useful to have: a probability output, which basically tells how sure the tracker is to be right…of course i don’t know how beattracker is working, but i thought maybe this value is there already, just waiting for lots and lots of fame…?


ai wannabe,

the beattrackers source is here. maybe you find what you are looking for in there…

oha, cool. interesting to see the code behind it. aaaand, i did indeed find a probability value in the code, however, as i’m quite unexperienced in written programming i’m struggling to find where it’s calculated, to see if it is the right thing.
anyway, i’ve got a bigger problem in finding where the output pins for the vvvv-node are defined, as it’s vst and not following plugin conventions- i could then just check out how this probability value is behaving - (how) is the beattracker vst host involved into this?

any help much appreciated!! all the best, da wannabe.