BeatDetector not banging - I have aftermarket sound card

Question: Is there something special I need to do in order to get a bang from beat detector while using a PCI sound card??

Okay, so I’m working on the sound reactive rope tutorial and I’m not getting a bang from my beatdetector. Well I should say that I can get a bang if I slide the IO box meter up and down rapidly - though I don’t know what that means…

So anyway no bang from beat detector, I’ve selected my creative sound blaster x-fi for audio in and set it to stereophonic and it doesn’t work. No bang value of 1…

I think this is because I’m using a creative sound blaster x-fi?

My sound card drivers work fine and are up to date…

Any suggestions?

yea, as i know native beatdetector were removed due to licensing issues
try searching forum… Otherwise you have to use bass nodes

beattracker was removed, but beatdetector should work fine. some cards can’t route what they play back to the input, search the forums for ‘stereo mix’. there are lots of threads about it…

Hi. Thanks for the responses.

I always search before posting and I did come across numerous threads about the stereo mix remedy, but I was not able to find a stereo mix option within my control panel > sound device menu. Or I misunderstood where to find it. I poked around a bit but didn’t see anything. Maybe you can help me connect with that? I’d really appreciate it.

Antokhio - I will look into bass nodes. Thanks for the advice.

After some more pokin around I’ve managed to solve the problem for my particular situation.

For whatever reason, here is what I had to do:

Right click the speaker in the taskbar>sounds>playback tab and set the default device to speakers, creative SB x-fi. Though this allowed the beat to be detected, it sucked the sound from my SPDIF out :(. I could not hear sound.

So then I had to click the recording tab > right click ‘what you hear’> properties> listen tab and select ‘listen to this device’ and select my SPDIF out as the playback device, voila. I now hear music, and beat detector is producing bangs as expected.

Thanks for the help. Now my learning can continue.

Sorry for the multiple post; I’m just excited :P