Beat tracker replacement - hardware or software

Does anyone know of any replacment for the beat tracker module which was removed from vvvv due to license issues?

Ideally I could find a native vvvv option but I’d also be happy to run another piece of software to track the bpm, as long as it can send a midi clock signal or similar out to vvvv.

A standalone hardware unit would also be an option, though I don’t really want to buy something like a Kaoss Pad 3 just for this functionality.


I use this:
works quite well under most conditions, puts out midi clock. only the praised automatic gain control does not work very well - it needs quite a loud signal to aquire a lock.

I d like to hear about a software side solution… hints?

Just ordered a soundbite micro.

Still interested in software solutions…

Check this out:

Do you know BeatDetector (Bass)? Never tried it myself though.

Wow Meierhans, it works!

thank you