Beat detector (bass), plugins

hello. beat detector (bass) is a plugin. not working in my system. error code while hoovering about red node is clear. but: “WHAT??” where+how to install? but ok. beatdetector (general) is working. has anybody an idea how to choose the frequency spectrum? i kow: connecting beatdetector with basses, low mids…ect. but this is much to broad+result are uncoordinated spasms (in the middle of this visual)

bass in vvvv is unmaintained afaik so forget that. BeatDetector (Value) is rather a Pulse detector for any value over time. for real audio processing in vvvv use VAudio the rest is either legacy or abandoned. There’s no out of the box way in vvvv to detect precise tempo of realtime music

ok, microdee. thanks. sounds sobering… but i dont need bpm-values. need a pulsing sphere, cube-map or whatever… in realtime. beat detector (value) is not so far from this. often used it. but never thought about previously to choose a very small frequency-spectrum. i own the vaudio pack. will explore it. thanks. u

found a solution for my problem: choosing the frequency for beatdetector (more subtile than using the bass- or low mids …-output from fft). maybe it helps someone who is also wondering where the bass.dll is. like me. only working with 32 bit!

so what was the problem with vaudio?

smile… hi microdee. no problem with vaudio. but it was quicker to think for a while and use something I already know. this happens when you are 61 ;-)

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