Batch files to launch vvvv - security

I’m using batch file to launch vvvv, and a v4p. This works fine but vvvv can access the internet when launched this way (eg ‘Socket Error # 11001
Host not found.’ from the http node)

Running the batch file as admin does not fix the problem, and launching using the same command directly in (a non elevated) cmd does work fine, so this doesn’t seem to be an issue with admin rights.

Any idea?

I take it that is can’t rather than can…
Silly thing but have you allowed vvvv permission to use public networks?
You know that popup when you first run vvvv, I presume you can go and add an exception to the firewall rules. If its not that, then please wait caller for someone else to chip in!

Yep. So it’s fine when launching vvvv, then the patch, or when launching both with a single command in command prompt, but when executing the same command in a batch file, no joy…