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Is it possible to start the currently installed vvvv beta from a batch script without specifying the whole file path. Just like it is possible with other software that is installed on the system where I don’t need to know where it is installed.

I often place a vvvv install folder in the project and then launches vvvv.exe in that folder. that works wonderfully, but as it seems like it is getting more and more common to “properly” install vvvv in the programs folder. It would be great to be able to run vvvv from the commanline, just like eg. notepad.

when this works for a software without specifying the whole path, it means that its path is added to the global PATH variable. we don’t do that for vvvv. since you can have many vvvv instances installed it would be ambiguous.

but you can do it yourself. here is how:

Sure I see the point and I can do that, but could it be an option in the installer as well as in config.exe to add vvvv.exe to the global PATH ? it could be off by default. I can see some use cases where it would be great to have that option.

but can you, really?
sure, you can have many vvvv directories with different versions of vvvv, but I am sure you can only ever register a single one as the active default for *.v4p files.

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right, what i missed is that in a batch file you can also just put the name (or relative path) to a .v4p and when running the batch file, it will open the one vvvv instance that is registered for the filetype.

what i was referring to is simply running “vvvv.exe” from anywhere on the commandline without having to specify a path. but you probably didn’t mean that anyway?

@joreg that is exactly what I mean… Unless it is possible to specify command line parameters like /allowmultiple and /shutup when launching a v4p file

right, you can only register a single program to react on invocing a *.v4p but what sunep asks for (i guess) is what i described as adding vvvv.exe to the global PATH variable. here you could add multiple paths. ie, each vvvv setup could only add its path but not make sure it is the only one…

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